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Maple Springs Nursery


At Maple Springs Nursery we have over 250 of varieties of Japanese Maples Conifers and Shrubs Specialising in cold climate trees with thousands to choose from. We also Have a Japanese Garden in the Making showcasing Maple Varieties and the various gardens on show in Japan including Ponds Waterfalls Rockeries Stones Gravels and Hand Made Bridges and Islands

We also stock products for Bonsai's , Statues and much more.

Range of  cool climate Perennials

Maple Springs Nursery

Autumn 2018


Maple Springs Nursery and Gory’u Japanese Gardens


History and concept  of the Gardens

 The Site

The search and discovery of  vacant acreage in the         Picturesque Hartley Valley in 1994


The site was obvious and evident that the possibility of creating a Japanese garden that Had all the elements necessary.

 In existence was the Water and  Borrowed scenery and with the added Vegetation, Ornaments, Stones, gravels, sands, Ponds, streams ,Waterfalls, Islands, Bridges, Hills, Buildings, Paths the dream and reality had begun.



Gory'u is the Japanese name for confluence in English which means where the waters meet or where two rivers converge in this case a lake of water meets a dry landscape lake converging to form one.

Gory'u Japanese Gardens has a huge variety of Japanese Maples and Conifers of all colours. There are some 28 Japanese Lanterns, 12 Basins, 13 Ornamental Bridges, Waterfall, 4 Suikinkutsu (water harp), Shishi-Odoshi (deer/kangaroo scarer) Moon viewing Platforms, Lake, Stream and exceptional panoramic views, Sugar Loaf Mountain (Satokibi yama), Mt York (Maunto yoko) and Hassans Walls (Hassan'u~oruzu).

Garden Clubs Welcome Tea and Coffee and Snacks are available upon request at time of booking.

$20 pp to view Garden $15 pensioners,discount holders

see the new Hachiman Torii Gate no nails over 120 wood dowels  This is a replica of the Ryoan-ji  Temple Kyoto Japan!!!!!    Must see

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Please Note:  No Pets.

Children Must be Accompanied by a Supervising Adult. Unsupervised Children will be asked to leave due to Water on the property your Children must be Supervised at all times regardless..